Central Mass EMS Corp.

Central Mass EMS Corp

We don't provide EMS... we support and serve those who do!

 Central Massachusetts Emergency Medical Systems Corporation (CMEMSC) was designated by the Department of Public Health as the Region II emergency medical services council in 1977 in compliance with 105 CMR 170.102 & 170.103.

As a quasi-governmental agency and 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization,our goal is to foster improvement to and assure the availability of competent EMS services throughout the region.

CMEMSC provides assistance and support to the Department of Public Health in a cooperative effort to coordinate, maintain, and improve the EMS system throughout Central Massachusetts. We offer EMS system planning information, and educational and technical assistance to local jurisdictions and EMS system providers. CMEMSC also serves as a resource to pre-hospital providers seeking clarification regarding pre-hospital treatment protocols and guidance in following state EMS regulations.

Our communication center, CMED (Coordinated Medical Emergency Direction) provides a direct communication link between ambulances and emergency departments at area hospitals. Through CMED, EMTs may communicate directly with an emergency physician or nurse for optimal patient care. CMED is also a vital component in the coordination of EMS response to Mass Casualty Incidents and patient distribution to multiple hospitals.

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